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The Top 8 Cities for Entrepreneurs 2023

If you have already completed your university education and are searching for a new city to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey, we are here to assist you. We have carried out a study to identify the most suitable cities for young entrepreneurs. Keep reading to find out our top nine recommendations.

1. Cincinnati, Ohio

The city has emerged as a central location for aspiring young entrepreneurs aiming to expand their businesses and establish their personal brands. Additionally, CincyTech, a local company, has collaborated with the state government to financially support startups throughout the region. Over the past thirteen years, they have invested $55.2 million, resulting in a significant $1.5 billion boost to the local economy.

Cincinnati secures the top position on our list due to its below-average cost of living, a significant proportion of residents holding bachelor’s degrees, and low personal and corporate tax rates.

Are you persuaded and prepared to start? Whether you currently reside in The Queen City or you have intentions to relocate in the near future, taxly is here to assist in getting things started. Take action and register your Ohio LLC with us today.

2. Dallas, Texas

Step into the initial among numerous metropolitan areas in Texas designed specifically for aspiring young business owners. However, prior to delving into the details that make Dallas exceptional, it is crucial to address the fundamental query – why choose Texas? Texas will be frequently mentioned on this list due to its advantageous business environment, as the state does not impose income or corporate taxes. Consequently, establishing a Texas LLC is a highly advantageous financial decision for young entrepreneurs.

As previously stated, Dallas secures the third spot as one of the top cities for young entrepreneurs, primarily attributed to its lack of taxes, comparatively affordable living expenses, a youthful demographic, and a high per capita income level.

3. Durham, North Carolina

Dr. Bartlett Durham, the visionary behind the city’s establishment, bestowed his own name upon Durham and championed principles of inclusiveness and innovation. These principles have persisted over time, solidifying Durham’s reputation as a hub for entrepreneurship and active community involvement.

The reality is that every year, the city organizes an Innovate Durham occasion, in which the local government collaborates with aspiring entrepreneurs to trial novel concepts, goods, and services. Coupled with a significant proportion of individuals possessing bachelor’s degrees and being ranked as the 10th city with the highest GDP per capita among all cities examined, you can be confident that you will be surrounded by accomplished individuals in the city known as the Bull City. Begin establishing your North Carolina LLC with taxly now.

4. Indianapolis, Indiana

Looking to make the most out of your dollar as you embark on your entrepreneurial or small business venture? Consider establishing your business in Indianapolis, a city that ranks 18th lowest in terms of cost of living among the 100 cities analyzed. Additionally, Indianapolis offers a below-average income tax rate, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious young individuals.

Are you prepared to begin your business? Take the first step towards realizing your lifelong dream of becoming your own boss by establishing an Indiana LLC through taxly today.

5. Columbus, Ohio

Ohio, like Texas, should not be overlooked when discussing states that are attractive to young entrepreneurs. Ohio is home to a number of highly successful young entrepreneurs and demonstrates its commitment to nurturing future generations through initiatives such as the Ohio Afterschool Network Entrepreneurship Program, which is designed for high school and other young students.

For various reasons, Columbus secures the fifth position on our list. Primarily, the city boasts the youngest population among the top nine cities, providing reassurance to Gen Z and millennials who may feel out of place in The Arch City. Moreover, Columbus offers a notably affordable cost of living, exemption from corporate income tax, and a relatively high GDP per capita, making it a promising city on the rise.

6. Fort Worth, Texas

If you are thinking about establishing an LLC or corporation in Texas but are uncertain about relocating to a metropolitan area, take a look at Fort Worth. Situated on the outskirts of Dallas and Arlington, this city, known as “Where the West Begins,” provides the charm of a small town along with ample business prospects of a large city.

Moving on to the information, it can be noted that Fort Worth possesses a cost of living that is relatively average, alongside a high per capita personal income. This suggests that the value of your currency will stretch further as you work towards establishing your empire. Additionally, the city ranks within the top 25% in terms of GDP per capita among all the cities we examined. Moreover, Fort Worth boasts a lower average age, indicating a promising outlook for a thriving economic future.

7. Houston, Texas

It is undeniable that we have a certain bias towards Houston, as it serves as the headquarters for taxly. However, Houston is not exclusively our dwelling place. Numerous young and accomplished individuals opt to establish an LLC or corporation in Houston because of its absence of tax rates, affordable living expenses in comparison to the national average, below-average age demographic, and an average GDP per capita of nearly $75K.

8. Austin, Texas

If you were anticipating Austin to have a higher position on this list, you are not the only one. Previously, Austin was considered the leading city for creatives, homeowners, social media experts, and tech workers in various “best cities to live” rankings. However, recently Austin’s ranking has declined due to increasing housing prices, cost of living, and overcrowding.

Nevertheless, Austin remains an ideal destination for young entrepreneurs due to its numerous advantages. With the highest per capita personal income among the top nine cities, individuals who relocate to Austin can expect to earn a substantial income. Additionally, the thriving tech industry in the city provides ample opportunities for securing high-paying positions or establishing one’s own successful business, making Austin a conducive environment for growth and prosperity.

Emerging urban areas for entrepreneurial individuals

During our research, we discovered three cities that narrowly missed making it to the top list but were worth considering further. These cities are Raleigh, North Carolina, Nashville, Tennessee, and Madison, Wisconsin. They possess key characteristics of a city that is supportive of business, such as low or no taxes, programs for business or innovation, and a population consisting of individuals of similar age and education level. Challenge your ability to think ahead by examining the statistics – any of these cities might serve as a prosperous location for your business in the long run.

These cities may not be suitable for entrepreneurs

When thinking about cities that are well-suited for entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley and San Francisco may immediately come to mind. However, the data reveals a completely different reality. The list above clearly demonstrates that none of the cities in California’s metropolitan areas managed to make it into the top nine. Surprisingly, most of these cities performed poorly in our study, with the lowest three rankings all belonging to cities within California.

What is the reason behind the abrupt decline in trust in The Golden State? The initial issue lies in taxes, since California imposes some of the highest rates for personal and income taxes in the nation. The second issue pertains to the cost of living in California, which exceeds that of some of the superior locations mentioned earlier by more than double.

Young entrepreneurs are unafraid of taking risks and are willing to relocate to a new city solely for a business opportunity. The aforementioned cities are excellent choices for those looking to start anew, however, it is important to remember that small business triumph can occur in any location. Begin the process of registering your LLC for free by using taxly today.

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